How to transition into Scrum Master or Team/Squad Coach/Lead role?

What does I need to know in order to become a successful scrum master or a team/squad coach? Well, you need more than knowledge of the scrum in today’s world where teams work in a complex environment and often seek guidance, mentoring from the scrum master to tackle various challenges. In today’s everchanging world where […]

Disciplined Agile – What is it?

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Recently PMI has started offered Disciplined Agile Certifications targeting project management professionals. So what is it? How is it different any other lean agile frameworks such as Scrum, SAFe, LeSS so on? “For me context is the key – from that comes the understanding of everything.” Kenneth Noland One of the principles behind Disciplined Agile® […]

Want to commence your journey into Agile Leadership Role?

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f you are curious to take next step in your career and want to move into Agile Leadership Role such as Scrum Master, Agile Consultant/Coach, Agile Project/Program Manager, Product Owner/manager then you can find few interesting pragmatic tips here. Since 20 years of the inception of Agile Manifesto it has gone beyond software industry and […]

Agile Program/Delivery Management

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While traditionally Project/Program/Delivery Manager has been more like expert, command and control kind of the leadership role. Anyone who plays this role is assumed to know lot of things and go to guy for any initiative related matters. With the surge of digital age and exponential change in the marketplace knowing everything upfront has become […]

Agile, Agility in a nutshell

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Agile, agility has gained tremendous attention in the recent years. However for some it has become great way to deliver outcome and for some it’s an illusion. Do you want to uncover what it stands for and what to expect in the agile journey ? Reach out to us to know more.